Launch - and we're off!

Dave and I were seen off by friends and family from Goodwood, we are now on our way east-east-east to Mongolia. As we'll be on the road everyday and camping at night, internet is pretty rare, so I shall be Tweeting from my phone. You can catch the Tweets in the little box below to the right, or visit my page here: http://twitter.com/alexjohnturner/

Au revoir amigos


Rally Raffle message

Dear all that donated to Team ‘Hurree Dave and Alex’ on Justgiving,

Thank you very much for your kind donation. With your help, we’ve raised £1,073.60 online for Adventures For Development so far. The children will appreciate every penny. Below is the Rally Raffle list as far (hopefully more people will donate en route). The list is as random as I can muster at this hour. I hope we have picked a good ‘un for you. If you are luck enough to win a prize we will be in touch again.


Handbrake cable – James and Roz
Right CV joint - Suzanne Bailey
Brake hoses - Michelle Tomlinson
Front left disc brake - Dave Young
Ignition coil - Michael Tite
Sump - Amy Lawrence
Oil filter
Drivers side window - Florence Rose Cobb
Passenger side window - Anton van Aswegen
Front left suspension - Brian Hillier
Gear linkage
Radiator - Leigh Baxter
Head gasket - Alex Mk1
Fuel lead
Fuel filter - Thomas Eschenbach
Carburetor - Elaine Henderson
Steering rack
Steering column
Windscreen - Mark Epstein
Front right suspension - Steve Clark
Front left light cluster - Anna Hillier
Rear right wheel and tyre - Yuk Yee Phang
Spare 1 left wheel and tyre - Sheila Marshall
Fuel tank
Spark plugs
Rear right suspension - Alex Marsh
Spare 2 left wheel and tyre
Battery - Lynn Deacon
Clutch – James and Sarah
Left halfshaft - Eloise Parker
Rear right drum brake - Louise Dresch
Rear left light cluster - Frances Kirby
Rear left wheel and tyre - Grace Craddock
Fuel pump - Gordon McKeown
Air filter
Front right disc brake - William Shiers
Rear left drum brake - Catherine Sunter
Alternator - Vic and Brian
Right halfshaft - Koen Maarschalkerweerd
Left CV joint - Rachel Douek
Front right light cluster - Juri Nishi
Front left wheel and tyre – Chris Turner
Rear window- Anna Walton
Rear left suspension - Mandy Mok
Rear right light cluster - Elizabeth Saldanha
Front right wheel and tyre - Charis Tsang


Paintin' in the park

BBQ in London Fields
Note the Mongolian and robes

Stencil fever

Burger joy

The painting is coming along

Proof Dave would make a good teacher

More proof Dave would make a good teacher

We moved under a bridge after hours of rain

It's been a long day

Little Jim completing his masterpiece

Nearly done

A few more areas to fill
Home time I think


Work's Hurree-ing along

We've been busy in the garage for many days tweaking the car to rally perfection.

Fog lights, on

The grid has been laid, let the painting begin

Our crates fit nicely, whoa

Dave and I working until the wee hours, yawn


Party – and decorate our car!

Save the date: 11 July, from 1 o’clock. Save the place: London Fields.

Team ‘Hurree Dave and Alex’ will be having a leaving party to raise money for children’s charity, CYPPD, on Saturday the 11th of July, from 1 o’clock. It will be an all-day BBQ/car-decorating event in London Fields, fuelled by one or two drinks - it helps with creativity, apparently.

The decorations will happen just outside the park, near the BBQ area. We will provide some paint pens/cans of spray paint, but if you can think of anything better and jazzier, bring it. To decorate the car we will divide it into sections. A small donation (to cover paint supplies) will allow you to be creative all over your area of our vehicle, so the end product will no doubt raise Mongolian eyebrows.

The more the merrier, everyone and their dog is welcome. Since this event is for charity, could you please bring your own food and drinks, or pick them up in the area, there are plenty of places nearby that can provide this. And please bring along some coins for the children’s charity, Dave and I want to raise as much as we can for the little ones.


Here is the obligatory Google map.


The grease monkey on our back

Dave and I finally roll up our sleeves and dive into the deep end of wrenching/screwing/lifting/ripping/stripping/drilling/flushing/etc.


It's a stick up!

Now that Dave’s back in London, we can start work on the car. Task one: stickers.

...and don’t fret. We have more stickers coming, custom ones too.