Ready, Flickr set, go!

I have created a set on my Flickr account where Dave and I can showcase inspirational snaps of what we can expect to see on our rally to Mongolia, along with images of our preparation etc. This will eventually be joined by photographic proof of us alongside our chosen vehicle in Ulan Bator.

Currently it only has images grabbed from The Adventurist’s site and Mongolia’s wiki page. This shall be amended when we actually have something to show.



Quite a distance

Recently I have been looking at world maps/globes/google maps on quite a frequent basis. One can understand why – I’m still terribly excited about the trip.

Most people planning such an adventure would remember roughly how far away Ulan Bator is. No. Not me. Every time I see the distance a lump forms in my throat. Thought I’d share that.

Visit the map here.

Also, if anyone can recommend places to visit between London and Ulan Bator, please tell us. If we visit the recommended destination and enjoy ourselves we'll buy you a crappy souvenir as a prize – how about that? Please email with suggestions: rally@alexand.co.uk


Slim pickings

The rules imposed by The Adventurists and the Mongolian government narrow our choice of automobile down to what I’d call slim pickings. This, obviously, wasn’t going to be hard enough for Dave and myself. So our hopeful media alliance with Truck and Driver has narrowed the selection further by stipulating it also had to be a commercial vehicle. Great. Here’s what we’re thinking:

The Bedford Rascal/Suzuki Supercarry would be first choice on most peoples list.

The Rascal also comes in pick-up form, which has caught our eyes.

A Rascal camper would be ideal (for comedy reasons).

Citro├źn C15 is on the list too. The diesel is far too big at 1.9. There was a 1.1 petrol and I think sub 1L versions were released on the continent.

If you can think of any other small capacity commercial vehicles please email us: rally@alexand.co.uk



An article about our rally is being published in Truck and Driver magazine. Due to this media link we are planning to use a commercial vehicle. Does anyone know a kind dealer/manufacturer/person who could help us find a rugged, reliable van with an engine under 1.0 (if more than 10yrs old) or under 1.2 (if less than 10yrs old)? Ask around.