Our sponsorship message

Dear friend,

As you may have heard, we, David Hillier and Alexander Turner, are rallying a completely inappropriate car from England’s home counties all the way to Mongolia’s home counties – well, Ulan Bator – in the name of charity. All the money we raise is going to the Children and Young People's Protection and Development (CYPPD). This is a brilliant non-profit, non-governmental organisation working in Mongolia to support children who are homeless, being abused or at risk of abuse and who are at risk of trafficking and other exploitative activities such as child labour.

We do welcome straight donations to the charity (www.justgiving.com/hurreedaveandalex). However, as we’re all going through tricky financial times and we’d feel a little cheeky just asking for money, we have come up with the following two alternative and fun ways of supporting the cause.

Rally Raffle
When you make a donation you can choose to enter our Rally Raffle. Correctly draw the part of our car that fails first – whether it be an integral mechanical part or a non-essential piece of bodywork – and you can subsequently win a prize that we will pick up en route. The first three failing parts will win a prize or, if your entry puts an end to our adventure, you scoop all three!

To enter the draw, type ‘Raffle’ into the comments section (remember not to hide your email address on Justgiving as we will need to email the winner/s) and we will randomly select a car part. You may also email us directly at rally@alexand.co.uk

Party – and decorate our car!
We will be hosting a party to raise money for CYPPD. The date hasn’t yet been confirmed but rest assured it’ll be before we actually leave! We will divide the car into sections. A donation will allow you to be creative all over your area of our vehicle, so the end-product will no doubt raise Mongolian eyebrows. The decorations will happen on the night of the party and we will provide some paint pens/cans of spray paint.


The charity:

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Hurreedly plodding along

We’ve obtained our Carnet du Passage. YES! Though we’re still awaiting visa news. Only today I remembered that we both need all the jabs to keep us safe from rabid dogs, rusty screws and whatnot. What else have we forgotten?

Umm. Replacement...


Skids are for kids

Since we bought the car, Dave has been looking after her up in Manchester. I went to visit last weekend and the three of us were finally united. I am happy to report the seats are comfortable and it's actually quite a hoot to drive (plenty of wheel spins were had) - very much like a big go-kart.