The Children and Young People's Protection and Development (CYPPD)

So far, our route and car choice/developments have taken precedence on this blog. We shouldn’t be forgetting the reason as to why the rally is happening. David and myself have chosen to raise money for a charity called ‘The Children and Young People's Protection and Development (CYPPD)’. It’s a brilliant non-profit, non-governmental organisation working in Mongolia to support and protect vulnerable children. CYPPD supports children who are homeless, being abused or at risk of abuse, children at risk of trafficking and other exploitative activities such as child labour.

We are planning a fund raising party over the next couple of months, so stay posted.



Stan plan (man)

A looming visa application deadline forced Dave and I to organise ourselves. Now we have decided our route through the 'stans'. Most of the blue flags below represent border crossings.

Visit the map: here.